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We help organizations manage, understand and act on data

Data and analytics consultancy focused on leadership, process improvement, implementation, and advanced analytics

We are cloud data stack experts


Our approach

We offer a breadth of expertise from a diverse, passionate team of data experts to guide your people, process, and technology.



We train, organize, and grow data teams. We value creating an equitable hiring process, a collaborative environment, and a culture of learning.

Impactful Processes


We implement processes to scope, prioritize, and allocate tasks so your team can focus on unlocking value with data.



We build first-class, full-stack infrastructure to support self-service business intelligence and advanced analytics across your organization.

Why Brooklyn Data Co.

Expert capabilities and skills to support the modern data stack.


We are a team of passionate data people with a breadth of industry and technology expertise across the modern data stack.


We partner with your team in real-time via Slack, email, or Zoom and can pivot to provide support where you need it most.


We specialize in developing a shared long-term roadmap, aligning metrics, training end-users, and building data culture.


We treat your data as if it were our own by intentionally safeguarding it with state-of-the-art security at every layer of the stack.


We provide mentorship, unblock progress, and help you develop fulfilling career paths for your data team.


We advise on equitable recruiting and screening processes to help you build a capable, diverse team.

"Brooklyn Data has a best in class team. Their communication was extremely clear throughout our engagement and we always felt they were truly invested in our business.”

The Tot
Kathy Kipriotis


“Brooklyn Data acts almost as our own external data team which has been invaluable as we’ve been able to scale up our data org quickly, enabling us to bring data into the conversation everywhere from marketing to QA.”

Jack Ryder


Our expertise

Our diverse team of builders, problem solvers, and mentors make up our world-class data and analytics consultancy. While we’re industry agnostic, our expert team also offers deep experience in some specific verticals.

solution And BDC

Ecommerce & Retail

Cohort analysis, forecasting, funnel optimization, and more

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Healthcare & Life Sciences

HIPAA-compliant and secure

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Pro Bono


Enabling incredible organizations to leverage data for good

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Other Industries

Other Industries

From SaaS to insurance, ed-tech, and everything in between

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