About Sigma

Sigma is a cloud-native analytics tool which harnesses the power of your cloud data warehouse to provide instant access to data to explore and to gather insights. It uses an intuitive spreadsheet-like interface that is immediately familiar to technical and business users alike. It requires no code or special training to explore billions of rows, create new metrics, or perform “what if” analysis on all data in real time.

What we love about Sigma

Opens access to everyone with its spreadsheet-like interface
Quickly run analysis over large data sets
Connect to any data warehouse and start using Sigma in seconds
Create scenarios and “what-if” analysis as you can in spreadsheets
Add new data easily to create new metrics and share analysis
Visualize outputs in spreadsheet tables or charts and dashboards

How Brooklyn Data helps Sigma users

Brooklyn Data are cloud data platform experts, with proven experience in building scalable foundations for Sigma to operate on. We can quickly provision a cloud data warehouse, ingest key data sources, and build a robust set of data models which provide the base from which to explore in Sigma. We can also build reports and dashboards to help clients get business insights from their data. We help our clients implement self-serve Sigma set-ups, including provisioning and data governance, and enabling them to quickly begin creating dashboards and building workbooks. We enjoy providing training and documentation, and coaching the wide universe of Sigma users within each organization.

Enabling self-service analysis for internal stakeholders
Embedding data exploration within applications for customers and partners
Building forecasting and “what-if” analysis, for example for finance or supply chain use cases

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