About Mixpanel

Mixpanel is a leading product analytics platform that enables teams to understand product usage in order to drive engagement, conversion, and retention. Mixpanel’s integration with reverse ETL tools means you can seamlessly combine and analyze data from Mixpanel and your data warehouse, all in the same platform.

Why we love Mixpanel

Pre-built dashboards
Native reverse ETL integration (Census & Hightouch)
A/B test results can be compared via experiment analysis
Advanced cohort definitions
Quick analysis on large data sets using query time sampling
Data enrichment through event-level and user-level data tracking

How Brooklyn Data helps Mixpanel users

As a Certified Gold Mixpanel Partner, we are trusted with leading new customer onboardings with Mixpanel to set them up for success. We help our clients leverage Mixpanel to its fullest potential in a number of ways, including creating an analytical framework to capture the right metrics and an event tracking plan based on those metrics. We build reports and dashboards to enable conversion rate analysis and retention modeling to drive better product decision making and insights.

Identify user paths across cohorts and segments
Gain actionable insights into retention and what bring users back to a product
Increase conversion rates and reduce user drop-off

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