About Hightouch

Hightouch syncs data from any data warehouse into the operational tools your business runs on. Using the power of SQL or their audience builder, you can sync live data to your sales, marketing, and customer success tools in minutes with no engineering effort needed.

Why we love Hightouch

Native dbt model selector
Highly secure and HIPAA-compliant
Version-controlled data syncs
Sequential syncing
Simplified debugging
Option to self-host and manage data at rest

How Brooklyn Data helps Hightouch users

With Hightouch, operationalizing data from your data warehouse has never been easier. Brooklyn Data understands the value of being able to send data in real time to operational systems. We work directly with stakeholders to understand various Hightouch use cases, and help those teams activate their data. We are deeply familiar with multiple data activation use cases due to our work across various industries and stakeholders with varying degrees of data literacy.

Design custom data models for each of your desired destinations, ensuring the data delivered meets operational requirements
Create syncs between your warehouse and destinations, scheduled to align with your operational needs
Prepare for growth with new platforms by scoping new syncs and outlining impact on pricing and product tier

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