About Census

Census is a leading reverse ETL platform that enables organizations to personalize customer communication. Census seamlessly integrates with the modern data stack, syncing customer data to your CRM, customer support platform, and advertising platforms - all without engineering work or customer connectors.

Why we love Census

Native integration with dbt
Compatible with modern cloud data warehouses
Easy and intuitive to set up
Highly secure and HIPAA compliant
Uses an organization’s existing data model
Connects with the leading CRMs and advertising platforms

How Brooklyn Data helps Census users

With Census, creating personalized customer communication and journeys has never been easier. Brooklyn Data works directly with marketing and customer support stakeholders to understand the personalized campaigns and workflows they want to run and the data required to power them. We are skilled at navigating the gap between engineering and marketing, because we know both sides of the equation. We understand the architecture of our clients’ production systems, as well as the specific data requirements of leading ESPs, customer support platforms, and advertising platforms.

Unify suppression list across all communication platforms
Optimize Facebook campaigns using offline conversions
Prioritize support tickets from high lifetime value customers

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